Weltweiter Aufruf zur Revolution wird unterstützt vom Daily Telegraph


Markus Gärtner Blog:

Es brodelt in der halben Welt – Ein Aufruf zur Revolution schlägt Wellen

Markus Gärtner zitiert den weltweit angesehenen Journalisten Abrose Evans-Pritchard vom Daily Telegraph, der Zeitung, der schon Kaiser Wilhelm II ein Interview gab spendete:

Pre-revolutionary grievances are simmering in half the world, openly in France and Italy, less openly in Russia and China.The Gini Coefficient measuring income inequality has been rising for 25 years almost everywhere, thanks to the deformed structure of globalisation. Companies can hold down wages in the West by threatening to decamp to the East. “Labour arbitrage” boosts the profit share of GDP and eats into the share of workers.That is how Volkswagen extracted pay cuts at German plants in 2005. The German reforms now being exported to Club Med are why Germany’s Gini index has soared and why German life expectancy is falling for the poor.”

Übersetzt aus dem Englischen…

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